If you're in need of a cable tester, you've come to the right place. Total Phase is a leading provider of affordable test and measurement equipment. Total Phase is pleased to announce the addition of the Advanced Cable Tester(TM) to their product line. This product offers easy-to-use, comprehensive diagnostics and a powerful API. Thousands of companies, small businesses, and research institutions already use Total Phase's products and services.

The Advanced Cable Tester v2 is the latest accessory for the Total Phase's Total Phase Advanced Cable Tester. This tester enables technicians to perform thorough USB cable testing, which is particularly useful for cable manufacturers and resellers. It's compatible with all major USB ports and can be easily and quickly connected and disconnected. The tester is available for both single and three-phase connections. The tester can also test USB and Apple Lightning cables. It's the only total phase cable tester with a built-in USB port.

In addition to comprehensive signal integrity testing, the Advanced Cable Tester is capable of measuring DC resistance. This test can identify and pinpoint cable performance issues, allowing you to make a precise and accurate determination of overall pass/fail. This tester is also compatible with the latest USB Type-C cables. If you're looking for an affordable cable tester, consider the Total Phase Advanced Cable Tester. The tester is easy to use and requires minimal labor and set-up.

Total Phase Cable Testers: This equipment is an essential tool for certifying a commercial datacom installation. It is essential for network owners and installers certify their cabling. Without a reliable cable tester, you'll have troubleshooting issues that could damage the network. When disputes arise with your cabling provider, a complete certification will help ensure that your cables are installed according to standards. So, what are you waiting for? Get your Total Phase Cable Tester today!